Nature has always been an inspiration to fashion designers but find out why this year, the catwalk has become a tropical paradise. 


Whilst floral Hawaiian shirts will never be regarded as fashionable (sorry guys), it seems tropical themes have made their way back to the catwalk this summer. Maxi dresses in particular are getting bolder and more colourful this season and it seems this splash of colour has been a hit on theLondoncatwalks. So if you’re looking for some summery inspiration this year to brighten up your wardrobe, here are some of the best examples of nature on the catwalk. 


Mara Hoffman Goes Floral

With apparent Hawaiian themes, Hoffman’s dresses teamed with bright coloured foliage hair pieces made a feminine yet bold statement. And this wasn’t restricted to dresses, her collection featured some divine skirts and crop tops keeping with the same theme. All lightweight and fitted to emphasise the models’ own body shape. 


Fashion and Fruit


Nothing says tropical like a big juicy pineapple … on a piece of clothing? Well, this year Rossella Jardini sent this spikey fruit down the catwalk on items of clothing ranging from bikinis to trousers. Jardini claimed they suited the tropical theme perfectly and she wasn’t the only one to feature fruit on her fashion pieces. Edgardo Osorio went so far as to embellish the soles of all his shoes with this seemingly fashionable fruit. 


Masculine … And Floral?


Apparently floral is the new masculine according to Gucci, Vivienne Westwood and Dolce & Gabbana. For next year’s spring/summer collection floral pattern prints are everywhere. And these are not your assumed tropical floral print, but a much more sophisticated one, embellishing silk shirts and even trousers. I’m not entirely convinced, but the top designers clearly all seem to think it will be the next big thing!


Bold and Beautiful


Who said that tropical colours were limited to just clothes? Many designers are now injecting their accessories with a burst of bold, which can work incredibly well with a plainer coloured outfit. From Custo Barcelona’s textured wedges to Mulberry’s bright coloured bags, it seems all elements of fashion are taking a tropical turn this year.


Nature truly is taking over the catwalk this year and what a wonderful effect it’s been having. Fashion is greeting the summer weather with a seasonal and audacious collection and we think it looks great! Get out some colour-tinted Ray Ban Aviators, make yourself a fruity cocktail and jump onto the tropical fashion bandwagon.


Have you seen any tropical trends that you love? Are you going fabulously floral this season? Share below!


Bio: Susannah is a writer with a real love of fashion and enjoys nothing more than investing in more beautiful clothes to add to her collection, the brighter the better!